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Preserve your Precious memories before they fade away!

Did you know that video tapes deteriorate over time? Share those special memories with family and friends by transferring your video tapes to a digitally archived DVD (All original material is returned back to you). We use state of the art technology to transfer your video tapes to DVD and all work is done in the USA.

Video Transfer Orders Include:

  • Digtially Mastered DVD
  • Personalized Title
  • Poly Case
  • Chapter Marks
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Slide Scanning

Print Scanning

Learn Everything You Need To Know About VHS to DVD Transfers Below
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Convert VHS to DVD
Transfer your VHS tapes to DVD using the DG Video Transfer Lab. After doing VHS conversion for over 25 years there is no one else in the market that can surpass our experience and quality. Should you have any questions and feel like speaking with one of our friendly live customer service representatives we would be happy to answer all your questions about converting VHS to DVD. (Call toll free: 1-888-908-6835, Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm and Saturdays 9:00am to 3:30pm, PST.) At the DG Video Transfer Lab we understand the importance of preserving your VHS to digital and will work with you every step of the way to insure your peace of mind.

About VHS Tapes:
What exactly is VHS? VHS stands for Video Home System and was a consumer-level recording videocassette standard developed by JVC in 1971. During this time there were several formats fighting to create the new standard; VHS and Betamax took center stage but VHS tape essentially came out on top, that is why so many children growing up in the 80s and the 90s were captured on this type of media. VHS tapes can be played back on a VCR player and this is why VHS tapes are often referred to as VCR tapes. Most VHS tapes produced were able to hold between 2 and 8 hours (and sometimes even more!) of video depending on the speed in which video was recorded.

Why Should You Convert Your VHS Tapes?
VHS tapes deteriorate exponentially over time and in the span of a couple decades the quality of your VHS tapes can become so poor that play back will not even be possible. In fact VHS tapes start to have noticeable degradation after just 5 years. Interestingly enough televisions naturally emit electromagnetic waves which destroy VHS tapes (and where do we normally keep those VHS tapes? Right next to the television!). Backup VHS tapes by transferring them to digital.

VCR players are becoming extinct and quickly being replaced with DVD players. Many stores no longer carry VCRs and replacement parts are becoming harder and harder to find.

DVD advantages are numerous. DVDs are digital and can be copied without any quality loss. You can easily playback DVDs making it easy to enjoy your VHS home videos. Unlike a VHS tape DVDs don't have to be rewound so you can quickly and easily watch your favorite scenes over and over. Plus DVDs take up a lot less space than VHS tapes so you have plenty of room to store more of your family memories.

Why Choose Dollar General Video Transfer Lab's VHS Tape to DVD Service?
The DG Video Transfer Lab has been in business since 1959 and with our decades of experience we understand the importance of preserving your VHS tapes. We provide a way to preserve your old VHS tapes by transferring them onto more modern and current forms of media storage such as DVDs, CDs, and hard drives. Not only are these replacements more practical in our technologically advancing world, they are also much more durable and longer lasting.

At the DG Video Transfer Lab we use the most advanced technology to transfer your VHS tapes. Our video transfer service can convert your VHS to DVD. Our motto is "Preserve your precious memories before they fade away!" and at the DG Video Transfer Lab you don’t have to sit back and watch as your keepsakes deteriorate.

Frequently Asked Questions about VHS to DVD Transfers:

How safe is it to send my VHS tapes in the mail?

This is the number one question our customers ask us. Being in the video transfer business for as long as we have we know the importance of your VHS tapes. It is extremely safe to send your VHS tapes in the mail; however, we do have a couple tips to assure peace of mind.

  1. Use a credible shipping company (FedEx, UPS, USPS) and be sure to get a tracking number for your package (this way you can track your package from the moment it leaves your hands, until the minute it is received in our lab).
  2. Make sure you pack your VHS tapes in a box/bag with plenty of padding (whether it be popcorn, newspapers, or your old gym socks).
  3. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number with your VHS tapes.
Do I have to rewind my VHS tapes before sending them in?
Be kind, please rewind does not apply here. Let us do the work for you; just send us your tapes as they are. No rewinding, no dusting, no labeling necessary!

You mentioned additional formats, what are these and
why would I want them?

Within the last decade digital has been ruling our lives. Today the ability to share information via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) is becoming more and more important as is the ability to create digital backups of everything we own. Here at the DG Video Transfer Lab we want to make it easy for you to not only relive your memories captured on VHS tape but to make it easy for you to share those memories with your loved ones. Having your VHS tapes converted to an additional format makes these files more accessible. For example, if you would like to upload your VHS video of Joey's 1st Birthday to Facebook we could supply you with an MPEG4 (the preferred media type for uploading to YouTube) to make the process easier. Or if you would like to edit your VHS tapes on your own computer at home, we can convert your VHS tape to a digital file and transfer it directly to your hard drive. Digital files are considered an extra services and the formats available are: MPEG4, MPEG2, Quicktime H264, Quicktime Apple Intermediate, AVI, Quicktime Pro Res 422, and Quicktime Pro Res 422 HQ.
Don't know what Facebook, AVI, or MPEG4 is? Don't worry, DVDs are sufficient for about 85% of our customers.

I have a VHS tape, but I don't know if there is anything recorded on it, what should I do?
Just send them on in. Before we transfer any of your VHS tapes, we will time each one. This allows us to determine if you have blank, damaged, or untransferable VHS tape.

What do you mean my tape is untransferable?
Every once in a while we will receive VHS tapes that cannot be transferred. This could happen for many reasons but the most popular reason is mold on the ribbon of the VHS tape. VHS tapes are extremely susceptible to the elements so if they are exposed to over excessive moisture this could damage the video and make it not transferrable. If VHS tapes are sent to us and we are not able to transfer them you will not be charged for this VHS tape. We will mark the VHS tape as such and send it back to you.

My VHS tape is broken, can it still be transferred?

The short answer is yes. Sometimes VHS tapes get broken, the ribbon breaks off the spool, or the VHS tape just got into the wrong hands (Spot, thought it was a chew toy?). For an additional fee we will fix your broken VHS tape and then transfer it as normal. If for some reason we cannot repair your tape (see question above) we will send you the VHS tape back and mark it so you know why it was not transferred.

Do I have to number my VHS tapes?
No, we try and make the VHS transfer process easiest on you so just send us the tapes as they are and we will take care of the rest!

I only have 10 minutes recorded on my VHS tape, will the full 2/6/8 hours of the VHS tapes be transferred on to one DVD?
We will only transfer the recorded portion that is on your VHS tape, so if you only have 10 minutes recorded on the VHS tape, only that 10 minutes will be transferred.

My VHS tape is in PAL, can you convert it to an American format?
Yes, if you have a VHS tape that is in PAL we can convert it to a DVD in the NTSC format for an additional fee.

Can you transfer copyrighted material?

Unfortunately we cannot transfer any copyrighted material.

Do I get my tapes back once they have been transferred?
Absolutely! We will send you your VHS tapes back with your DVD order.
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